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Venice Gas House Trolley Venice Gas House Trolley Venice Gas House Trolley Venice Gas House Trolley
Venice Gas House Trolley is the sound of a new creative generation that believes imagination is liberation. The band is jazzy, jammy, funky, and tribal with spoken word poetry and heavy grooves. VGHT's music is packed with psychedelic soundscapes and boundary exploring arrangements that whimsically deviate from the norm yet still provide enough hooks and thick grooves to keep audience's heads bobbing and feet moving.

Paving the way for a whole new genre of music, VGHT mangles musical boundaries and interlaces shared storytelling and poetic vibration into a communal and collective consciousness that unifies the ancient and future as one.

Venice Gas House Trolley has been praised by the media and fans alike for their new approach to words and intense yet chilled psychedelic jam, and has held the position as the #1 Jam Band in Madison, WI on ReverbNation since May of 2011. VGHT was also voted as one of the top 3 experimental music groups in Madison's Isthmus Newspaper's "Reader's Favorites" poll. Madison newspapers (The Capitol Times and The Onion AV Club, to name a few) have selected VGHT as the Critic's Choice for music event of the evening more than 20 times. The band was recently signed to The Homegrown Music Network national distribution community of bands (the roster includes Keller Williams, Lotus, and STS9 among many others). The Trolley is groovin' down the tracks!


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